Jose Mier and street band Havana

Do you know Jose Mier in Havana? Are You Another One Of Us?

Do you know a Jose Mier? We're everywhere. Well, almost everywhere. In my research I've come across Jose Miers in Cuba, the United States (of course), Dominican Republic, Colombia and other countries. Those countries with a large Latino population are the ones most likely to find Jose (middle name) Mier but even the U.K. has at least one to add to the list.   The Mier surname is not as widespread as others in the region but aside from that, since Jose is a VERY popular first name, the combination of Jose and Mier is fairly common. I think it's almost a mathematical certainty that you'll get a combination of Jose and another Latin surname so I'm not surprised. Check out this interesting, interactive map for Miers around the globe.   Are you Jose Mier in Sun Valley, CA? Perhaps Jose Mier Teran in Texas? I doubt you're the Spanish Jose Mier who was born in 1877 and ended up immigrating to Bakersfield, CA. If you are, however, I'd REALLY like to meet you! The fact is, I'm fascinated by my name and after some searching on Google my interest was piqued so I began researching my name's origins and seeing who else around the world shares it. Try Googling your own name sometime and see what pops up. You may be surprised.   If you find the etymology of names as fascinating as I do, then stick around. You may pick up some tips when doing your own genealogical research. Or maybe you just like the name Jose Mier! Take a look at my Jose Mier blog to see the results of my searches for other people named Jose Mier from all over the globe.

The International Society of Miers Named Jose

No, it doesn't really exist. But it should!