Hi, I’m Jose Mier. I was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1996. I still live in the LA area. I work in the hospitality industry, specifically restaurant supply. While my daily activities and work are somewhat routine, I have always wondered about the origins of my name and my family history. The most recent branch of the family tree comes from Mexico but we’re now in the United States since my father moved here many years ago. Our branch of the Mier family hails from the Hidalgo region of Mexico.

Because the Internet makes it so easy to find just about anything, I started to catalog all the Jose Miers I could find online. This started early in 2020 and I continue to add to my personal collection of people named the same as me. I have never been much for writing, however in the course of my research and creation of this site I find I have to write more and more to share the information I find. Since this is a labor of love, I can’t devote my time to it 24 hours a day but I post as often as possible when I have something I want to share.