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Jose Mier Finds Help at the Library of Congress

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Accessible online from Sun Valley, CA Jose Mier looks for tips and advice for amateur genealogists and one great free resource is our own Library of Congress. Their website has some helpful links and downloads just for us! The Library of Congress (LOC) is not merely a repository of books and documents; it is a ….  Read More

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Jose Mier Discovers Trove of Genealogy Books

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Jose Mier researches from Sun Valley, CA about genealogical matters. This includes finding books that might be of interest to others undertaking family history research. Genealogy, the study of family history and the tracing of one’s ancestry, has gained immense popularity in recent years. As individuals seek to uncover the mysteries of their past and ….  Read More

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Jose Mier Finds New Genealogy Tools

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Searches From Sun Valley, CA Jose Mier searches are my business. Well, in all honesty they’re my hobby, but people really love actualy genealogy research and I found 12 tools listed on Venngage is not really about genealogy but because it specializes in design and diagrams it dovetails nicely with this pursuit. Venngage is ….  Read More