56th Jose Mier Found in Los Angeles

Jose Mier Los Angeles film student

Originally From Colombia

With José Mier searches I’m never sure what I’m going to find. However, I have been searching closer to home–by that I mean the Los Angeles and Southern California area—so I once again search for Jose Mier Los Angeles. What I found was something new, that I hadn’t seen before, so I was able to add this next iteration of my name to my growing list.

Jose Mier Los Angeles film student
Jose Mier Los Angeles film student

Not only did I find someone else with the same name but I discovered a new website. It’s called Mandy.com and it’s a listing place for job seekers and searchers in the entertainment industry. My particular José, the one that I just found, is a native of Colombia but what a recent graduate of the New York film school and is living in Los Angeles–Close to me in Sun Valley California–and looking for a job in the film industry.

The page that contains the information about this particular Jose details all of this person skills in the positions he most desires. His background in film school was in writing and directing and that’s what he wants to do here in the Los Angeles area. As you might imagine we have a glut of people trying to get into the film industry so I wish this particular José luck.

While I can’t tell much about this particular person, from what little I can read of his biography he seems like a go-getter he’s got a good attitude. Also, even though he says he’s originally from Colombia the bio is written in excellent English. And although he would like to jump into directing (and who wouldn’t?) he does say that he would be open to Any position on the set even holding a boom microphone to record sound.

My running tally of other people with my same name is getting longer and longer and I believe this particular José is number 56 on my list. It’s been a while since I’ve added a new José Mier to my list but here goes. So to this new member of my “family” I give a hearty welcome. I’m glad to have you here.


 56th Jose Mier Found in Los Angeles
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56th Jose Mier Found in Los Angeles
Jose Mier, a new film school grad in Los Angeles, is the 56th namesake to be added to my growing list of people with my same name.
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