Famous Jose Mier #1

Jose Mier is not the most famous name out there. I’d consider it rather obscure. Nonetheless in the course of researching my own name I’ve come across dozens of other Jose Miers around the world.

Using Google as my search engine, the majority of these Joses are in the United States given that my searches are going to return mostly U.S.-centered information. Also, I have to think that most of these other Jose Mier results share a common ancestry with me and have roots which go back to Spain or that area of Mexico called Nuevo Santander which also included a town called Mier.

I don’t have time, of course, to look through every search result and obviously like most searchers I concentrate on the first page of results (in my case maybe the first few pages), but many of the results are multiple listings for the same Jose Mier.

One that intrigued me, since I too am a resident of Southern California, is one Jose Mier who apparently worked (or works) in the film industry. The result is cryptic and doesn’t offer anything really in the way of a biography, but this particular Jose worked on the movie Payback in 2007 as well as the series Reel Comedy in 2005. He worked in the electrical department. His listing on IMDb.com also lists him as an “actor” in Payback playing the role of “prisoner.” I haven’t seen that film myself, but I suspect on watching it his would be most likely an extra part. There is no Jose Mier photo on IMDb so I’m not sure I’d be able to tell who he is in the movie.

There are no credits for this Jose after 2007 so it makes me wonder what happened to him. I could spend a lot of time making up scenarios as to why he’s no longer working in the movie business. Perhaps he quit or found another job (he did work as an electrician on these films) or maybe he had family problems that required his attention. Who knows? I don’t think he ditched it all and ran for a seat in the House of Representatives. It’s pretty much a mystery, but at least it’s entertaining for me.

jose mier imdb search screenshot
Jose Mier imdb search screenshot

And you never know, if this Jose Mier website ends up getting a lot of visits, he might just become one of the most famous Jose Miers around (after me, of course!).