Famous Jose Mier #2

Jose Mier writing once again. In my search for others of the same name my initial efforts included simply using Google. I’m reminded of the questionable ads I see on so many sites that urge you to Google yourself “and be amazed.” However, I did just that. Of course, I’m not the most popular Jose Mier on the internet so the top results include the more “famous” (internet-wise) Miers.

I recently profiled another Mier but the next one on my list is Jose Mier Teran . He’s got a number of listings near the top of Google’s search results.

This Jose Mier is a physician so it’s probably not surprising there are so many listings for him. The sites that contain his information are all pretty big ones (healthgrades, doctor review sites, etc.) plus he’s part of a clinic in Texas and his bio and information are listed on that site.

What I found interesting was that he studied at at the Universidad de San Martin de Porres in Lima, so he’s a latino like me. On my origins of the Jose Mier name page (link) I do speak about the Mier name and latin countries, but from my research the highest percentage do come from Mexico. Still, I’m not surprised to find Miers in other Latin American countries. I’m doing all this as an amateur so I can’t really document the movement of the Mier name from Spain to all the Latin American countries (my association of Nuevo Santander in Colonial Mexico is probably as far as I’m willing to go given the time it takes to research things) but since the Spanish colonized more than Mexico I do expect to see Miers pop up in any Latin country.

This Jose also uses the Spanish form of the surname, listing both father and mother’s surnames (here: Jose Mier y Teran). Here in the United States we pretty much drop the mother’s name and use our father’s last name.



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