69 Jose Mier Listings on ClustrMaps

Jose Mier search results on ClustrMaps

Geographic Locations A Prominent Feature

Similar to my previous Jose Mier searches on the Internet I found another site that list a lot of information about people and especially where they are located. The site is called clustrmaps.com. Similar to beenverified.com, doing a search for a persons name returns as many names as possible, in this case there were 69 different Jose Mier listings, but it also breaks them down into geographic areas.

Jose Mier search results on ClustrMaps
Jose Mier search results on ClustrMaps

For this search, as you can see in the screen shot I’m posting on this page, the majority are in California, Florida in Texas. This isn’t surprising because each of these states have high Latino populations and the originally Spanish name of Mier would of course be found in one of these areas.

I was interested to see that I could delve deeper into the geographic information simply by clicking a state. I was then given all the different cities in which one of these Joses resides. In California they’re pretty well spread out with one Jose in each city with the exceptions of Burbank which tops the list at four and Los Angeles at three. Oddly enough–and it just dawned on me–I am not listed! There is no listing for a Jose Mier in Sun Valley, CA. I thought perhaps I might be listed in Los Angeles (since Sun Valley is part of Greater LA) but I’m not.

“Jose Mier” vs. “John Smith” Search

Just for fun I did a search for “John Smith” to compare that very common name with mine. There were over 19,000 listings for John Smith on clustrmaps.com. While it’s not surprising it was amusing to see the paucity Jose Miers in the United States. Could it actually be that there are only 69 of us in existence at this time? I’m not sure but I don’t take this website as the be-all and end-all and the final statement on how many of us there are. It is helpful though as a demographic tool especially for me looking for a Hispanic surname. You may find clustrmaps.com useful for your family history searches so I’m glad to mention it here.


69 Jose Mier Listings on ClustrMaps
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69 Jose Mier Listings on ClustrMaps
Jose Mier searches ClustrMaps.com for people with his same name. There were 69 results for Jose Miers in the United States.
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