Jose Mier the Research Technician

jose mier research technician linkedin profile

Works for McLaughlin Research Corporation

My latest Jose Mier find comes by way of a LinkedIn profile. I found this in the course of a straight Google search. Each time I do my searches I find that some of the same listings appear near the top of page one, while others come and go. This is a new listing that recently showed up in my search on page two. I’m always happy to find another Jose Mier that is currently living and working because the odds of me finding out more I’ve graphical information are greater and that was the case here.

jose mier research technician linkedin profile
jose mier research technician linkedin profile

This Jose works in research technician at a company called McLaughlin Research and is currently located in Bremerton, Washington. The importance Bremerton became clear to me when I found out more about this company that he works for. If I had the opportunity, I could visit this person to say hello. After all, Bremerton is only a two- or three-day drive from my base here in Sun Valley, CA.

For anyone who has visited Bremerton you know that it is home to a big naval shipyard so the presence of the navy is very strongly felt in this area. It’s not a coincidence that this Jose was in the United States Navy and is now working for a company that does research for that branch of the armed services.

Looking at the LinkedIn profile, as an aside, I can see that this Jose Mier speaks both Spanish and English, which is not surprising with the last name of Mier—nor the first name of Jose!

This latest find intrigued me and I wanted to find more out about McLaughlin Research Corporation. Looking at their LinkedIn page I found that the company was founded in 1947 and does a wide range of services for the Department of Defense. They’re located primarily in Rhode Island but obviously they have offices and do research in Washington State. They provide lifecycle engineering and other technical services for weapons and combat system programs used by the navy.

In and growing list of others who share my name I have not yet found somebody that works in this capacity, but this engineering-related job sounds fascinating. I’m sure it involves lots of security clearances and secret information. It must be exciting for this Jose to work in this area. That’s why I’m excited to be able to add another living member to my list of Jose Miers. So Jose from Washington State, welcome to the list!

Jose Mier the Research Technician
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Jose Mier the Research Technician
Jose Mier has located another person with the same name. This Jose is a research technician for McLaughlin Research only 1500 short miles from Sun Valley, CA.
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