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Legacy Tree screenshot by Jose Mier

Resources for Spain Genealogy Research

Jose Mier surname comes from (I assume) that region of Spain the bears the same name. For further proof, though, one could use more Spain genealogy tools and some good ones can be found on the Legacy Tree website.

Legacy Tree Genealogists is a professional genealogy research firm that has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of family history research. Founded in 2004 by Paul and Legacy T. Christensen, the company has grown to become one of the leading providers of genealogical research services worldwide. This 1500-word exploration will delve into the origins of Legacy Tree Genealogists, its mission and values, the services it offers, the expertise of its team, and the impact it has had on clients seeking to uncover their family history.

Legacy Tree screenshot by Jose Mier
Legacy Tree screenshot by Jose Mier

Origins and Founders:

Legacy Tree Genealogists was established by husband-and-wife duo Paul and Legacy T. Christensen. The company’s roots can be traced back to Paul’s passion for genealogy and the realization that many individuals were eager to explore their family history but lacked the time, expertise, or resources to do so. Paul and Legacy recognized an opportunity to bridge this gap by creating a professional genealogy research service that could provide comprehensive and accurate family history research.

Paul Christensen, a seasoned genealogist with a deep love for uncovering stories from the past, brought his expertise to the forefront. Legacy T. Christensen, with a background in marketing and business, played a crucial role in shaping the company’s brand and ensuring its growth. Together, they set out to build a team of skilled genealogists capable of tackling diverse and challenging research projects.

Mission and Values:

The mission of Legacy Tree Genealogists is to help individuals discover, preserve, and share their family history. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality genealogy research services that meet the unique needs of each client. The core values of Legacy Tree Genealogists reflect a commitment to accuracy, professionalism, collaboration, and client satisfaction.

Accuracy is paramount in genealogy, and Legacy Tree Genealogists upholds the highest standards in research methodologies and documentation. The company’s commitment to professionalism is evident in its team of experienced researchers, each of whom undergoes rigorous training and adheres to a strict code of ethics. Collaboration is encouraged both within the company and with clients, fostering a sense of shared purpose in uncovering family histories. Client satisfaction is a top priority, and Legacy Tree Genealogists strives to exceed expectations by delivering comprehensive, well-documented, and engaging family histories.

Services Offered:

Legacy Tree Genealogists offers a range of services designed to meet the diverse needs of its clients. The company recognizes that each family history is unique, and its services can be customized to address specific research goals. Some of the key services provided by Legacy Tree Genealogists include:

  1. Ancestral Research: This involves tracing one’s family tree back through multiple generations, uncovering ancestors, and documenting their lives.
  2. DNA Analysis: With advancements in DNA testing technology, Legacy Tree Genealogists leverages genetic genealogy to provide insights into family connections, ethnicity, and more.
  3. Brick Wall Breakthroughs: Many clients encounter “brick walls” or dead ends in their research. Legacy Tree Genealogists specializes in breaking through these barriers, finding solutions to long-standing research challenges.
  4. Record Retrieval: The company has access to a vast array of archival records and repositories, allowing them to obtain documents such as birth certificates, marriage records, and immigration records.
  5. Geographic Specializations: Legacy Tree Genealogists boasts a team with expertise in various geographic regions, enabling them to tackle research projects worldwide.
  6. Custom Research Projects: Clients can work with the researchers at Legacy Tree Genealogists to define specific research goals and tailor projects to their unique needs.

Team of Experts:

The strength of Legacy Tree Genealogists lies in its team of highly skilled and experienced researchers. The company employs professionals with diverse backgrounds in genealogy, history, and related fields. Each researcher undergoes thorough training to ensure they are well-versed in the latest research methodologies, ethical standards, and technological tools.

The team’s collective expertise covers a broad spectrum of geographical regions and historical periods. This diversity allows Legacy Tree Genealogists to take on projects that span the globe and traverse various historical contexts. Whether it’s navigating the intricacies of European nobility, unraveling African American ancestry, or exploring the diaspora of Asian cultures, the team at Legacy Tree Genealogists is equipped to handle the most challenging research tasks.

Additionally, the researchers at Legacy Tree Genealogists are adept at utilizing cutting-edge technologies, including DNA testing and analysis tools. This technological proficiency allows them to integrate genetic genealogy into their research projects, providing clients with a more comprehensive understanding of their family history.

Client Success Stories:

Legacy Tree Genealogists has amassed a collection of success stories that highlight the company’s ability to uncover remarkable family histories. These stories often involve overcoming significant challenges, such as missing records, unknown parentage, or incomplete family trees. The company takes pride in its role in helping clients connect with their roots and discover the stories of their ancestors.

One noteworthy success story involves a client with roots in Eastern Europe who sought to trace their Jewish ancestry. The Legacy Tree Genealogists team navigated through a complex web of historical events, language barriers, and limited record availability to unearth a rich family history spanning several generations. This success not only provided the client with a deeper understanding of their heritage but also connected them to a network of distant relatives.

Another impactful case involved a client attempting to break through a long-standing brick wall in their family tree. Despite years of personal research, the client was unable to trace their paternal line beyond a certain point. Legacy Tree Genealogists applied their expertise in record analysis, DNA testing, and archival research to successfully extend the client’s pedigree, revealing previously unknown ancestors and expanding the family tree.

These success stories exemplify the dedication and skill that Legacy Tree Genealogists brings to each research project, demonstrating the company’s commitment to delivering meaningful and transformative results for its clients.

Impact on the Genealogy Community:

Legacy Tree Genealogists has not only made a significant impact on individual clients but has also contributed to the broader genealogy community. The company actively participates in conferences, workshops, and educational initiatives, sharing its knowledge and expertise with fellow genealogists, researchers, and enthusiasts.

Through webinars, blog posts, and social media engagement, Legacy Tree Genealogists provides valuable insights into research methodologies, case studies, and the latest developments in the field of genealogy. This commitment to education aligns with the company’s values of collaboration and professionalism, as it seeks to elevate the standards of genealogical research within the broader community.

Legacy Tree Genealogists also fosters collaboration with other professionals in the genealogy and family history space. By establishing partnerships with archives, libraries, and other research institutions, the company ensures access to a vast array of resources, enriching its ability to conduct thorough and accurate research for clients.


In conclusion, Legacy Tree Genealogists stands as a beacon in the field of professional genealogy research. Founded on a passion for uncovering family histories and a commitment to excellence, the company has grown to become a trusted partner for individuals seeking to explore their roots. Through a combination of skilled researchers, a diverse range of services, and a dedication to client satisfaction, Legacy Tree Genealogists has made a lasting impact on the lives of countless individuals, helping them connect with their past and preserve their family legacies. As genealogy continues to evolve with advancements in technology and research methodologies, Legacy Tree Genealogists remains at the forefront, poised to guide clients on their journey of discovery for generations to come.