Jose Mier Name Search on Facebook: Not Optimal

Jose Mier Facebook Search Screenshot

Jose Mier searches are the whole point of this website and locating people of interest who also bear the name Jose Mier. If you’ve read some of my other blog posts you’ve noticed I rely heavily on Google to point me in the direction I need to go, to find other Jose Miers currently living (and with information available online), as well as historical Jose Mier.

Recently I decided to use Facebook to see what my results would be. Of course when I have used Google in the past, many of the results were Jose Mier facebook accounts and pages. I thought it might be a good idea to eliminate the middle man (Google) and go directly to Facebook. The results were less than spectacular.

Jose Mier Facebook Search Screenshot
Jose Mier Facebook Search Screenshot

I know Jose Mier is not the most popular name in the world, and searches for something more common like John Smith would most likely return more results, but I was surprised that my search for Jose Mier on Facebook returned so few results.

Nine Jose Mier Search Results: Disappointing

Facebook showed only a meager 9 or 10 individuals named Jose Mier and the other results were either posts from within those peoples’ pages or they were somehow related to those pages.

As far as a genealogical source goes, Facebook was pretty much a bust. Genealogy is not my prime reason for searching, but I thought I’d give it a try to see what I could find.
My findings, however, are in contract to sites like which touts Facebook as a great resource for genealogy.

There are other resources online as well that Family Search points you to if you want to go that route yourself, including which posts a pdf resource for Facebook genealogical research broken down by U.S. states.

My eccentric search specifically for Jose Mier doesn’t easily fit into these kind of searches, but the information may be handy for those of you who are looking for surnames and not, like me, iterations of a particular first and last name.

Jose Mier on Facebook vs. Google

Social media can be a powerful research tool and I’m a big proponent of using Google, but in this instance, just trying to indentify Jose Mier, Facebook itself isn’t going to give me any more results than Google would alone. Does that mean you should eliminate Facebook as a tool for your name searches? No. It just means that for me the results are a bit disappointing. And of course, the fact that I set up my own Facebook page to publicize my own searches for Jose Mier is a testament to the fact that you should have a Facebook page for many other reasons than a simple genealogy search.