Oswaldo Jose Mier y Teran Online

Oswaldo Jose Mier listing on Data Capital

New Entry from Venezuela

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Oswaldo Jose Mier listing on Data Capital
Oswaldo Jose Mier listing on Data Capital

My latest Jose Mier search was done once again using Google. This time I utilized the search term “jose mier online.” Many if not all of the first search results were actually results from my own blog posts! I have written so many times about my own name that now I am messing up my own search results. I had to go forward to page 4 of the search results to see a new listing that I both hadn’t seen before or written about previously.


The one I found is a man called Oswaldo Jose Mier y Teran. I couldn’t glean much in particular from the listing—which I found on a research and report site called Data Capital. This Jose is or has been apparently a company director in the country of Venezuela. The Data Capital website provides background information and reports on individuals if someone looking for that information prior hiring a person. There was a report available on this Jose Mier but it would have cost me $92. I avoided paying 1) because I don’t need it and it’s expensive and 2) why would I purchase something sight unseen?

In any case, it’s neat to have another Jose Mier (even if it is Oswaldo Jose) to add to my list fo famous Joses, and another one from Venezuela to boot.



Oswaldo Jose Mier y Teran Online
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Oswaldo Jose Mier y Teran Online
Oswaldo Jose Mier y Teran is the latest Jose to be added to the list of other Jose Miers from around the world. This one is from Venzuela.
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