Sun Valley, CA: My Base

Sun Valley map image from Jose Mier

Starting Point for Jose Mier Searches

When I do my searches for other people with the name Jose Mier they all take place from my home, which I call my headquarters, which is in Sun Valley California. Since I mentioned this all time I never really going to detail about my base of operations it dawned on me that people may really not know where I’m located. Sure, you know I’m in California just where is Sun Valley?

Sun Valley map image from Jose Mier
Sun Valley map image from Jose Mier

For those who really need to know, my hometown of Sun Valley California is located just about 10 or 15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles technically Sun Valley is in the city of Los Angeles. The whole San Fernando Valley it’s pretty much all Greater LA. They let us have neighborhood names to Differentiate between the various parts of the Valley and Sun Valley just happens to be ours.

Regardless, sun Valley is located in the eastern portion of the San Fernando Valley and it borders the city of Burbank. Now, Burbank is its own city and is not part of the city of Los Angeles. Same goes for Glendale which is just to the Southeast Burbank. The rest of the valley– At least the vast majority—is, however, part of greater Los Angeles.

Most of this doesn’t mean very much because I could be searching for other people with the name Jose Mier just about anywhere the world thanks to the Internet in fact when I get my searches I’m just sitting in front of my Computer doing a lot of typing and scrolling and also writing when I publish my blog posts.

I do think it would be of interest people, especially other people with the same name as me, to know where I am since I’m searching entire world for other people my name. So if somebody in Argentina or Mexico is searching for his name and comes up on my website or YouTube channel that’s the reason I’m going to all this trouble telling you where my city is.

So now you know. I’m sure you’re just dying you get all the information Hudson Valley California the only thing I didn’t add the geographic coordinates but I think that would be overkill. In any case this is my hometown, I like living here and I like searching for other people have the name Jose Mier.

Sun Valley, CA: My Base
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Sun Valley, CA: My Base
Sun Valley, CA is where Jose Mier does all his name searches. Today he tells readers just where Sun Valley is located.
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