A Jose Mier Who Loves Beauty

jose mier youtube channel image

Video on The American Continent

Another Jose Mier search on YouTube has revealed, well, not much. Like most people on YouTube this Jose Mier didn’t fill out the about section so there’s not much that I know about this particular person. However the video he’s got on his YouTube channel does give me some insight into his mindset and personality.

jose mier youtube channel image
jose mier youtube channel image

Aside from a small photograph of this Jose there’s not much more information, but I can tell that he’s a younger man perhaps in his 20s or 30s. The fact that his video titles and descriptions are in Spanish tells me he’s probably located in Mexico or another Latin American country.

What is striking about this Jose Mier is that the video he has is all about the most beautiful places on the American continent. From that alone I can deduce that this Jose has an affinity for beautiful landscapes and is impressed by natural beauty.

You can take a look at the video for yourself or visit his YouTube channel. If you do watch the video it’s a good excuse to remind yourself about how much beauty we actually have in our country and on this continent. That’s something we usually take for granted but reminding ourselves now and again it’s always a good thing.

I believe we’re well past Jose Mier number 50. Honestly, I’m no longer keeping count and just kind of estimating but I welcome this new addition to my list of famous Joses.


A Jose Mier Who Loves Beauty
Article Name
A Jose Mier Who Loves Beauty
Jose MIer finds yet another namesake on YouTube but biographical information is almost nonexistent. Still, the video he has is beautiful.
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