Really Famous Jose Mier (#7) on Spotify

jose mier on spotify

Jose Mier is not a common name but there are a good number of us out there. Not as many as John Smith, but enough to make searching for that name a lengthy process.

jose mier on spotify
jose mier on spotify

So who have I found that’s worthy of being added to the list of famous Jose Miers? None other than Juan Jose Mier. This Jose is a real artist. In fact he’s an accomplished classical guitarist.

The listing I found for him is on Spotify, the Internet music website. He’s got two CDs and their contained tracks listed on Spotify. The About section for this artist has absolutely zero biographical information, however, what’s interesting for me is the information Spotify includes on the page about where people listen from.

For this Jose Mier, the people listening to him come from Spain. And… wait for it, specifically Santander! If you have read my earlier blog posts about the origin of the Mier name you know I surmise it came originally from the province of Santander in Spain. Seeing another Jose Mier with listeners from the Santander region is just one more piece of information to confirm my hunch that this is the birthplace of my name and even now in the 21st century there are still Miers from that region and an audience for the work of one of them!

The other listeners come from other parts of Spain including Madrid, Valladolid and Palencia.

It is kind of fitting that this Jose Mier would be a classical guitarist. When I think of Spain it conjures up a lot of images, one of which is that of a guitarist playing either classical musis or else someone accompanying a Flamenco dancer.

The two CDs that Juan Jose Mier contributed to are “La Guitarra” and “Antología de Compositores de Cantabria I.” La Guitarra is from 2018 so I know this Jose is current (of course anyone who puts themselves on Spotify is probably current).

To Juan Jose Mier I say, welcome as the latest addition to my list of famous Jose Miers around the world!