Get Them Whilst They Are Still Alive!

Genealogical Research Tips from Jose Mier

Say you are just beginning your Genealogical Research. It can be very confusing how to begin!! These are questions which from dealing with members of our Genealogy Websites for many years we have found are an exceptional starting point for your research study.


If there is one piece of recommendations that every genealogist ought to heed it is ensure that you speak with the living members of your household before they become your forefathers!


Here are a whole series of questions that the you can answer for yourself and might be able to utilize when “interviewing” member of the family. Part of the fascination of genealogy is not just discovering “where we have come from” however also “what it resembled” when our ancestors lived and the sort of lives they and their households lived.


What do you understand about your household surname? Its origin?

What do you learn about the significance of your household names?

Did the family name go through change throughout the years and are there stories about the modification?


Exist any standard first names, middle names, or labels in your family?

Is there a tradition in calling children? This might be constantly providing the firstborn child the name of his paternal grandfather or a conventional family name as one of their first names?


Can you determine if there are traditions in various branches of your household?

Does a specific forefather’s name come back in numerous branches of your household?


What stories have come down to you from or about your moms and dads and/or Grandparents?


Exist stories from more distant forefathers?


How have these family members described their lives to you?


What have you gained from them about their youth, teenage years, education, marriage, work, religious beliefs, political activity, entertainment?

Do they delight in discussing their household history or their own past or are they hesitant to?


Do their reccollections tend to focus on certain subjects or period and prevent others?

Are there things in your own family history that you would like to know, but no one will inform you?

Do different loved ones inform the same stories in different ways and how do these variations vary?

Do you have a well-known, popular or undoubtedly notorious character in your family’s past?

Do you delight in stories about him/her?

Do you feel that the their popularity or infamy may have grown as stories gave about him/her have ended up being elaborated?

How did your moms and dads, grandparents, and other family members pertain to satisfy and wed?

Exist family stories of lost love, jilted bride-to-bes, unusual courtships, organized marriages, elopements, runaway enthusiasts?

Have your family played a part in the larger historical image?

With the responses to these concerns from various relatives and your own responses to them you have the start of a great Family History and a very individual and living one!

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Get Them Whilst They Are Still Alive!
Genealogical Research Tips from Jose Mier include what question to ask your relatives and how to go about your own research.
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