Jose Mier and the Cheetos Challenge

jose mier cheetos challenge

Could He Be These Girls’ Father?

Jose Mier Around the World has stumbled upon another obscure YouTube video that leaves me pondering exactly who and what this Jose Mier is. If you’ve read other Jose Mier posts about YouTube videos and channels you know that nine times out of ten there’s almost no information. That’s the case here and I’m left to speculate and create my own backstory for this person and the video that’s on the channel.

jose mier cheetos challenge
jose mier cheetos challenge

The about section on this YouTube channel tells me nothing other than this Jose Mier joined YouTube in 2018 and the channel bears his name–which is also my name. There is only one video on this channel, which is titled “The Cheetos Challenge.” The video consists of four or five young girls–probably around seven to ten years old, eating Cheetos from a plate while filming themselves. At one point it appears that a boy enters the room and they immediately tell him that no boys are allowed, that this is a girls’ party. The two word description for this video is “we’re cousins.”

All this leads me to believe that Jose Mier is the father of one of these girls, and perhaps the uncle of the others and he did the girls a favor by posting a video of their Cheetos challenge on YouTube. The girls are speaking English so that tells me that this Jose Mier is in the United States. That’s about as much as I can surmise from information information I can gather on the YouTube channel or in the video.

The one thing that I did not ascertain was the point of the Cheetos challenge and how one would win that challenge. I spent several minutes of watching young girls eat Cheetos off a plate with no apparent winner. Ah, the things I have to do to add another Jose Mier to my list!

Jose Mier and the Cheetos Challenge
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Jose Mier and the Cheetos Challenge
Jose Mier Around the World found another Jose Mier--again on YouTube. The channel and video give next to no information on this person so I'm left to specuate again. The video is called "The Cheetos Challenge."
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