Another Celebrated Jose Mier #4

In my Jose Mier search around the world I come across dozens of Jose Miers in the Google search results. As I’ve mentioned before, Google knows I’m located in the United States so the results I get are geared to my location and I see mostly those Joses who are in the U.S.

The top listings are usually from high authority sites like Facebook or LinkedIn and my next “famous” Jose Mier is no exception. Like another famous Jose this one is also a LinkedIn listing.

famous jose mier on linkedin
Another Jose Mier Added to My List

This Jose Mier is a specialist at Boeing and apparently lives in Texas. I was not aware that Boeing had a location in Texas, but I shouldn’t be surprised since it’s a huge company. Looks like this Jose’s company is not Boeing per se but a subsidiary called Aviall.

So Jose Mier in Texas, welcome to the club!

Speaking of U.S. searches, I’m limited in what I can find in other countries. We in the U.S. are so accustomed to plugging ourselves into social media that it’s relatively easy to find names in a search. Since the name Jose Mier is Latino, I’m certain there are quite a few of us in places like Cuba. However, because people’s access to the internet is so restricted in Cuba, the chance of locating more Jose Miers in that country is next to impossible.

Searching birth or death records would be another option, but again, since Cuba is closed off in a lot of ways, finding these types of records online is also going to be problematic. But a search for “Cuban birth records online” returned several results including , the website (out of Miami, of course!) and several others. Miami would seem to be the place to initiate a records search for Cuba. I may try that eventually.

In the meantime, my famous Jose Miers will most likely be my fellow Americans.