Another Famous Jose Mier #3

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Sifting Through Mountains of Jose Miers

As I posted yesterday in this Jose Mier blog post, the Internet is an invaluable tool when search anything. But for me it’s even more indispensible because I have a host of Mier’s at my fingertips. My search term is simply “Jose Mier” so the results are very straightforward. I don’t need to qualify the term and I see a lot of listings for individuals on places like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and elsewhere.

That I would get results from these social media properties isn’t surprising given the fact that each of them are high authority sites and Google will rank listings on those sites higher than, say, this particular blog page. It does skew my results, however, in that what I’m faced with is mostly professionals or other tech-savvy individuals who make use of social media. Any Mier who doesn’t feel compelled to join the social media community isn’t going to be one of the top Joses listed in the search results. Another thing I’ve noticed (tied to the idea of being tech-savvy) is that most of the Jose Miers in my results are younger people (age 40 or below). So trying to find an older Jose becomes problematic since the older the person, the less social media profiles they are likely to have.

Havana: No Way, Jose

Cuba, for instance, which I’m sure contains its share of Jose Miers, isn’t going to be a prominent part of the mix since their Internet access is almost nonexistent and certainly those that do have access aren’t allowed on Facebook or other social media.

That said, I work with what’s in front of me and another “famous” Mier whose page is found on the top ten listings in Google is Jose Mier. His LinkedIn profile shows that he’s from Oklahoma City and is an outside sales manager for United Rentals.

jose mier linkedin profile image
jose mier linkedin profile image

Even My Obscure Terms Yield Many Mier Results

When I use the term “famous” in these posts, you have to take it with a grain of salt since my search is obviously going to turn up just about every Jose and Mier with any type of page on the web. The search volume for that term is most likely zero except for people like me doing such eccentric searches. Still, in these times I find it fascinating that no matter how obscure the term, there are potentially millions of results for it.

I also wonder why for example the Jose Mier IMDb listing ranks better than our friend here on LinkedIn. Does IMDb have more authority than LinkedIn? Does the IMDb article have more relevant information (the LinkedIn profile referenced here doesn’t have that much info so maybe this is why). Other famous Joses like the doctor in Texas have a ton of listings—the same person listed on different sites. They’re reputable sites, but I’m sure none has the authority of a Twitter or Facebook and yet they’re still at or close to the top of the search results. It’s just one more question that I ask myself as I continue my search for all the Joses and Miers I can find. Stay tuned!