Earliest Jose Mier Found To Date!

Geneanet Jose Mier listing

Jose Mier in 16th Century Ecuador

The earliest Jose Mier name I’ve found so far is my latest. The information is sketchy but there are a couple things I take away from this find.

Geneanet Jose Mier listing
Geneanet Jose Mier listing

Number one, this is the first Mier I’ve found in Ecuador. It isn’t surprising in that Mier is a Latino surname, but my search results have been predominantly from the United States, Mexico or Spain. Indeed, I think my results are weighted heavily toward U.S. listings and in some ways this latest find is par for the course. The website I found this Jose on is a U.S. website, even if the people listed in it are from other countries.

Second, this is the earliest real record of the name (officially Jose Mier Noriega). The cryptic information lists no date of birth, only that he was born in Castille, Spain and married Josefa Davalos who was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1659. We can safely assume that the marriage took place in the 17th Century as well.

Did Mier Sail from Spain to Ecuador?

It’s interesting that the Castille province is located close to Santander and the origin of the Mier surname, making it all the more reasonable that this Mier came from the same region. It’s not clear whether this Jose made the voyage from Spain to Ecuador (Gran Colombia at the time) or whether his wife made the trip from Ecuador to Spain. I tend to favor the former possibility.

My find also reveals yet another genealogy website, Geneanet.org. As I just said in my last post genealogy is a big business and millions are interested in researching their own family history. In our Jose Mier’s case he appears to be a member of the family of Lorenzo de Garaycoa Raffo. This listing is part of the families of Ecuador and looks to be maintained by a female descendant.

It’s exciting for me to be able to add a name from a time long past to my list of Joses. I believe this Jose is the 18th famous Jose Mier on the list. TO you, sir, from the 17th Century, welcome to my roster!


Earliest Jose Mier Found To Date!
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Earliest Jose Mier Found To Date!
The earliest reference to the name Jose Mier is this Geneanet listing. This man was born in the 17th century.
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