Jose Mier Finds Himself

Jose Mier in Sun Valley, CA on US Phone Book

Another Sun Valley, CA Jose Mier

Jose Mier listings are plentiful. Even when you’re searching in your own backyard like I just did. Following on the heels of my recent searches where I looked for “Jose Mier California” I happened upon yet another interesting site. This one is

Imagine my surprise when the listing that popped up was for me! Yes, that’s right, the Jose Mier search result was actually for me. It had my name, my age and also my city (Sun Valley, CA). It had my current address (or should I say A current address?) and my phone number. Pretty accurate as well as unnerving. As I wrote before in my post on the amount of personal info that’s available to anyone with the time to spend is astounding. In this case it was not only address and phone number but also the names of my family members and associates.

Jose Mier in Sun Valley, CA on US Phone Book
Jose Mier in Sun Valley, CA on US Phone Book

While I’m thinking about this, something like this site would be good fodder for those people that pretend to be in touch with spirits or “the other side.” You could find out a ton about someone, then claim that you got all that information from your “spirit guide.” I can just see someone like that telling me they’re getting an image of someone named Josefina when in reality they just looked me up on US Phone Book and grabbed one of the relatives’ names to try and hoodwink me.

Well, if someone does try it, I’m ready for them. With the amount of personal information out there on the Internet I would not be surprised at what a determined person could find.

Search Results Ties to Geography

The other thing I discovered (or deduced) was that the results on US Phone Book are probably tied to the geographic area I’m searching from. Since I am in Sun Valley, CA, the results were for my area and it stands to reason that I would be the one Jose Mier they show (note that they’ll display full details for one search).

I did a quick comparison check for another name and the results did not include full addresses (cities only) and no phone number. I just happened to be the first search result and because of that I got all the full details on myself. Want the full skinny on other people? Looks like you’ll have to pay for that.

If you are looking for contact info for a long-lost relative or love, I suggest trying U.S. Phone Book just be aware that you may not get the desired result if you’re not in a certain location and that you may need to pay their fee to get more results. For me it was another eye opener.

Jose Mier Finds Himself
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Jose Mier Finds Himself
Jose Mier did a search for his name and found himself listed on US Phone Book in Sun Valley. This site shares detailed personal info about anyone.
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