Jose Mier California on Locate People

Jose Mier search on LocatePeople

Another Name Search Website

Searching Jose Mier online can be a full-time job at times. Me I do have some extra time on my hands so it’s not a big problem spending that time identifying other Jose Miers throughout the country or the world. However, for this latest search I again chose to limit my search parameters to California the search term once again was “Jose Mier California.” Again I was rewarded with a result that I had not seen before.

This time it was not an individual listing for something like LinkedIn but another name search website that I wasn’t familiar with. This one is called Like PeopleFinders or Persopo (which I just wrote about again) locatepeople is another website that allows you to search for a particular person or last name in a certain geographic area. I chose California since I am living in Sun Valley California and I was interested to see how many others with my same name are living in the state–according to this website.

Jose Mier search on LocatePeople
Jose Mier search on LocatePeople

Now, I do take these name finder websites with a grain of salt because the results are not completely accurate. In this case I found 14 listings for Jose Mier in California. This included cities such as Burbank, (which is the neighboring city to my own Sun Valley, California), as well as others like Ontario or San Jose in other parts of state. What I did find that was troubling was that my own name was not listed. This is not the first time this is happened. I found this on other name search websites and it’s the primary reason that I don’t completely trust the results.

Too Much Jose Mier Info?

Once again I am shocked to find how much information is readily available for anybody that wants to search for it. As you can see in the photo I’ve chosen for this blog post, I’ve blurred out the street addresses and phone numbers of the Jose Miers that are listed in the photo. It’s a screenshot from Even though I’m able to easily search for and find this information on my own I am hesitant to give out such personal information for other people.

In any case I was pleasantly surprised to find another name search website, which is another tool I can use in my continual search for people with the same name as me– Jose Mier.

Jose Mier California on Locate People
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Jose Mier California on Locate People
Jose MIer again searches for Californians with his same name. During a recent Google search he stumbled upon a new name search site called The results were inconclusive.
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