Mysterious Jose Mier: Another YouTube Find

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Young Jose Mier Posts Videos

Jose Mier here with another addition to my growing list. I’ve scoured the internet for others who bear the same name as me. The great thing about research on the internet is that in this age of super-communication, everyone with a cell phone can be a publisher of their own content.

Years ago I took a film class on Mexican cinema. In it, one of the sources we studied talked about how the wide availability of super-8 cameras would make it possible for ordinary people to be the movie-makers of a new age. The fact that home movie cameras were so cheap and widespread meant that almost anyone could now add their voice to the world of cinema. It was supposed to be a great equalizer, putting the power of creation into the hands of the masses. Of course this person wrote during the 1960s or 70s.

I didn’t think the assumption was quite correct and honestly I could tell this writer had rather obvious Marxist overtones, but in the ensuing years and the advent of the internet and digital videography really has made it possible for ordinary people to become producers of content. The growth and popularity of YouTube are a testament to this. Popular YouTube videos can garner millions of views. This means even a poor schlub like me can gain an audience to rival some Hollywood movies.

But I digress. My point in all this is that we all pretty much have cell phones and it’s incredibly easy to make a video and post it on YouTube. Because of this there is more and more information and content available to people like me to find.

Jose Mier Number 15

Case in point: Jose Mier #15. This Jose is Juan Jose Mier Peraldi. I titled this post “mysterious Jose Mier” because I know almost nothing of this person besides his name. He has a number of videos on his channel but no descriptions and no channel information. The videos are in Spanish but that does not tell me where he’s from. He could be from the U.S., from Mexico or Spain. Frankly he could also be from any Latin American country, too.

Jose Mier YouTube Video Screenshot
Jose Mier YouTube Video Screenshot

Regardless, he’s a Jose Mier and so deserves just as much as any to be listed on my site.

The video I include on this page is of him, a young man in his teens, interviewing his mother about allies and enemies is the world wars as well as the cold war. I suspect this is an assignment for a class. No matter. He has created a channel and posted a video. Plus, the channel, just like my Jose Mier channel, is named after himself.

Mysterious Jose Mier, I don’t know much about you or where you may live, but whether you know it or not, you’ve just been added to the list of other “famous” Jose Miers around the world. Beinvenidos!

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