Fourteenth Jose Mier: Automotive Expert HITN

Jose Mier search screen shot on YouTube

Jose Mier is becoming more and more popular as I’m finding out. I think simply because the surname is Hispanic and the first name Jose is very popular, so the odds of finding that combination are greater than for, say, a Joe Mier or a Steve Mier.

Jose Mier search screen shot on YouTube
Jose Mier search screen shot on YouTube

I any case I continue my singular search to catalog as many other Joses as I can to add to my growing list. My search has taken me (virtually) across the globe from the United States to Spain to Chile and to Mexico. In the future I’ll be looking to add more from other countries, but for this search I return to the U.S. Miami in particular.

The fact that I’d find a Jose Mier in Florida (Miami specifically) isn’t too surprising given the large Latino (mostly Cuban) population in that city.

Today’s famous Jose Mier really is more famous than his predecessors since you’ll find him on television. While using YouTube this time to do my search I happened upon a video clip which features him talking about how to disinfect your car during this coronavirus pandemic. The video is in Spanish which is not surprising since it was produced for HITN, a Spanish language network.

I learned a few things about this Jose Mier from my search. First, his name is Jose Carlos de Mier. He’s using the older form of the name which would have been used by Spanish nobility. Although I don’t know his genealogy I can surmise that his family descended from said Spanish nobles and did not change the name over the course of centuries.

Second, he is talking about cars. Another quick search for his name on Google turned up another result in which he’s mentioned as a “communications expert” (hence his appearance on HITN) but the article is also about automobiles. Our Jose Mier is an automobile expert whose audience is the Latino community of the United States.

I also learned about HITN and its popularity in the United States. I hadn’t heard of this network before, but it’s now on my radar.

Other Jose Mier searches have yielded regular text results or short, cryptic videos which don’t tell me much about the person, but I am excited about finding this video because (like our previous doctor Jose Mier from Mexico) this Jose actually speaks and we get to know what he’s like.

You can see video documentation of my search in the video below.

To our 14th Jose Mier, a warm welcome to the ever-growing list of Jose Miers around the world!