Our Famous Jose Mier #13: Tough Young Boy From Mexico

jose mier trained by brother jordan

Jose Mier is, as I’m finding out, not such an obscure name. No, it’s not the world’s most popular name, but because of its Spanish origins, and the ubiquity of the first name Jose in Latin countries, it’s not surprising that I’m finding more that a few instances.

Long List of Jose Mier Iterations

We’ve seen a wide variety of Jose Mier examples, from musicians to doctors and this latest entry is perhaps the youngest of them all so far. When doing a search on Google, Google will oftentimes serve up videos in their own section on the page. That was the case the last time I did my search for Jose Mier. There were a few other videos created by (or hosted on a YouTube channel with the name) Jose Mier, but one stood out. This was a video of a young boy about nine or ten years old. It appears that his father is recording the video. The subject (and title) are about Jose Mier being trained by his brother Jordan.

Jordan Mier is obviously the younger brother and he works diligently to pound his older brother’s stomach as the latter performs some abdominal crunches (a la “Rocky”).

jose mier trained by brother jordan
Jose Mier being trained by brother Jordan

This Jose Mier is From Mexico

The father’s voiceover is in Spanish and Jose Mier’s shirt read “Mexico” which leads me to believe the scene takes place in Mexico.

The video is very short and there’s no reason this should be on YouTube except due to a father’s pride in his two sons and letting the rest of the family throughout the world have a look at them. Fortunately for me, I have another reason to want to find and watch such videos. Of course this family has no idea that yours truly is in the middle of an eccentric search for others who bear the name Jose Mier, but I appreciate the effort.

So, to this young Jose, I again give a hearty welcome as the newest member of my list.