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Could This Jose Mier Be The Archtect?

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Video of Nuevo Monterrey Music Festival Based in Sun Valley, California my operations in search of other Jose Miers include state-of-the-art software that helps me in my investigations. Actually, it’s called the computer and the Internet. Taking a break from Google Books I chose another search on YouTube and my state-of-the-art software did not let ….  Read More

de mier surname search on forebears.com

More Genealogical Resources: Forebears.com

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Discussion on Surname Popularity Following up on the heels last search posts where utilized Google Books and found more instances of the “de Mier” surname, this time I tried a new tack. My search begin on Google but instead of searching for Jose Mier I searched for the term “people with the surname de Mier.” ….  Read More