Unknown Jose Mier From Mexico or US

jose mier youtube channel

400 Million YouTube Views


Another Jose Mier search on YouTube and this one reveals some startling results. I thought I’d do just what I did last time and search for Jose Mier on YouTube again. I went through all the videos and channels that I could see until I found one that looked new to me and clicked on it. On first look it seemed like just any ordinary person’s YouTube channel and it had only three videos. As to biographical or geographical information, again I was pretty much out of luck but what happened next was kind of amazing.

jose mier youtube channel
jose mier youtube channel

Let me preface all this by saying the videos seemed run-of-the-mill, including one of some little kid running away from a wave on the beach. However one of the other videos is a music video by a Mexican band called Calibre 50. When I looked at the video I saw that it had 400 million views! I had to look twice and count all the commas because I have never seen or YouTube video with this many views. However it was accurate and this music video at the time this 404 million views.

At first I thought, wow, this Jose Mier has a really popular video on his channel. Then I realized he merely added this very popular video to a playlist on his YouTube channel so it isn’t actually a video made or owned by Jose Mier, merely one that he is sharing with the world.

So even though it was little disappointing that I didn’t happen upon something astounding in that this very popular music video has nothing to do with the owner of the channel, but on the other hand I got a quick thrill by seeing such a high number of views.

Since the band in question is from Mexico I’m not sure if the owner of this channel is from Mexico or merely has the same Hispanic name that I do and is interested in Mexican music and culture. There’s no biographical information in the About section other than this Jose joined YouTube in 2015. Still, it’s one more Jose Mier I can add to my list regardless of how cryptic the information about him is.



Unknown Jose Mier From Mexico or US
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Unknown Jose Mier From Mexico or US
Jose Mier finds another Jose with another YouTube channel. One of the videos has over 400 million views making this an exciting find.
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