The Mexican Cowboy

Jose MIer the Mexican Cowboy

Mexican Jose Mier Shows Off Roping Skills

Jose MIer the Mexican Cowboy
Jose MIer the Mexican Cowboy

You may be surprised to find that Jose Mier just taking a break from searching on Google books. Yes, that’s right. I’m going back to YouTube to see what I can find and what I’ve found was something very new and different. My latest Jose Mier is from Mexico. And although there’s not much information about him on the YouTube channel or in the video description I can see from the channel that this person is in Mexico. I say this is a new and interesting find because it’s a video of a rodeo somewhere in Mexico. Now is the person doing the roping Jose Mieror is Jose Mier the one holding the camera? Well it’s probably the one that’s holding the camera, but I sure would like it if he were the cowboy.

Regardless this Mexican cowboy is pretty good roping that shows off his skills by lassoing a running horse at this local Mexican rodeo. Even if the person who is the center of this video is not who I’m looking for the Jose Mier that owns this YouTube channel seems to be a fan of rodeos, cowboys and roping.

Assuming that my find is actually the cowboy that would mean he’s the first such person to be admitted to the ranks famous Jose Miers on Jose– He would join a host of other Joses that include doctors, architects, musicians and authors.


The Mexican Cowboy
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The Mexican Cowboy
Jose Mier Around the World has found another Jose Mier, this time a cowboy at a local Mexican rodeo who shows his roping skills by lassoing a running horse.
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