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Bolivian Jose Mier youtube channel

Bolivian Jose Mier is a Fan of Japanese Animation

I’m continuing my Jose Mier search on YouTube. I was surprised to find so many channels with the name Jose Mier. Of course most of the videos and channels that are at the top of the YouTube search results are mine, shameless plug, but there’re tons of other Jose Mier channels listed if I just scroll down far enough.

Bolivian Jose Mier youtube channel
Bolivian Jose Mier youtube channelon

I checked out a couple of these and of course like most YouTube channels the owner has not filled out any information on himself. There was one YouTube channel owned by someone with my name had videos of him recording his cell phone screen while playing a game. It’s amazing how banal some things are on YouTube. However it was easy to tell that this was a child from his voice so I give him credit for knowing how to record his cell phone screen and uploaded to YouTube.

As I said the information on this Jose is spotty that I was able to find out at least fact that this person is from Bolivia. There haveve been a few other South American Jose Miers, both current and historical so this one is not the first but perhaps the first from Bolivia? Aside from his location I don’t know anything about him. I don’t know his age, although I think he’s on the younger side. And I don’t know anything else except for the fact that he’s uploaded Japanese manga videos so he must be a fan.

Of course I’m going to welcome him and add him to my list but I can think of a lot more interesting things than these Japanese videos. Yes, I used to watch Speed Racer when I was a kid. If that counts as manga then I’m guilty of watching it. But that was years ago and the thought of it now makes my eyes glaze over. Regardless we have a new Bolivian to add to our list so Bolivian Jose, manga watcher, welcome to my ever-expanding list.

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Jose Mier Around the World profiles the YouTube account of another Jose Mier from Bolivia. This Jose is a fan of gaming as well as Japanese manga.
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