Could This Jose Mier Be The Archtect?

Video of Nuevo Monterrey Music Festival

Based in Sun Valley, California my operations in search of other Jose Miers include state-of-the-art software that helps me in my investigations. Actually, it’s called the computer and the Internet.

Taking a break from Google Books I chose another search on YouTube and my state-of-the-art software did not let me down. The latest Jose Mier does not have much information available about him. He has a YouTube channel and I know that he joined 2013. Aside from that there’s nothing more to go on. That is, with exception of the video itself.

The video is titled “Nuevo Monterrey Alive Music Festival.” There is no dialogue in the video only the driving beat of The music that’s being performed period The title is a mix of Spanish and English. Nuevo Monterrey is of course Spanish, but the rest of the title is in English. Doing a search for this festival I found that it does indeed take place in Monterrey Mexico which leads me to believe that this Jose Mier is Mexican.

Now I profiled another Jose sometime back from Monterrey Mexico who was an architect and designer. This makes me ask your question, is this the same person? I may never get an answer. It could be because Jose Mier whose Behance page I wrote about was relatively young and as such would likely be interested in this type of house music, and he was located in Monterrey.

I will probably never be certain but it is interesting, looking for other people with the same name, and finding crossovers within different social media properties. Since the information in this particular Jose is spotty to say the least I’m not going to officially welcome him to my list. This is the first time I have not added one of my finds to my list but I do it to err on the side of caution.

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Could This Jose Mier Be The Archtect?
Jose Mier identifies a YouTube user with the same name. However, information is spotty. He may be the same Jose profiled on Behance
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