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Latest Name Search Site Returns 175 Results


My last Jose Mier search on returned 100 results in the United States. Based on the success of this search I decided to look for more name search websites online. I started as I always do, with the Google search for the name Jose Mier, but this time, just like last time, I paid more attention do the ads then the organic results.

Maybe this site,, has appeared in ads before but I haven’t paid attention. Or it could be that they’ve just placed new ads Google and I’m seeing them for the first time. Whatever is the reason I decided to give a try.

jose mier search on
jose mier search on

Maybe it’s just me but I found the search entertaining and fun. Instead of the other sites which just take me to the search results for certain name, here I had to enter the name and wait for a progress bar to reach 100%. For me that’s fun. It’s like I’m sticking a punch card into an old-time computer and waiting for it to spit out the results for me. What can I say? I’m easily entertained.

The results that I got from this search were 175 different Jose Miers around the United States. As you remember in my people finders search I only got 100 results and I question whether this was accurate. Obviously it wasn’t if this other site gave me 75 more listings.

Similar to other websites for name searches breaks down the names geographically so I can see where are each Jose is located. The majority— 60 Jose Miers —reside in California. Now I did a deeper search and tried to find my own name. I use the filters on to locate all the different was a Miers in Sun Valley California. I was disappointed that I was not on the list. There were three those days listed but I was not among them, indeed each of these Joses was quite a bit older than I am. That’s proof enough for me that these types of sites are not 100% accurate. Still, they do provide a considerable amount of information and for me that is sufficient. 175 more Jose Miers brings me closer to my goal: recording all those who share my name.

Searching for Jose Mier
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Searching for Jose Mier
Jose Mier performed a search for his name on This time the results included 175 different persons with the name Jose Mier.
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