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Jose Mier in church record New Mexico 1700s

New Mexico Church Records 18th Century

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Prenuptial Investigation Witness: Jose Mier I find some interesting things in my searches for people named Jose Mier. The latest excerpt from a book on prenuptial investigations in New Mexico during the last half of the 18th-century reveals the getting married required a lot more than it does today. From the infinitesimal information I was ….  Read More

1781 jose mier book cover

1781: Jose R. Mier and Bolivian Independence Movement

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Jose #32 Involved in Liberty Push My latest name find is once again something in Google Books. I continue to search on this site with fairly good results. The book in which this Jose is found was published in 1781 and it’s entitled “News and proceedings of the very noble and loyal royal town of ….  Read More

de mier surname search on forebears.com

More Genealogical Resources: Forebears.com

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Discussion on Surname Popularity Following up on the heels last search posts where utilized Google Books and found more instances of the “de Mier” surname, this time I tried a new tack. My search begin on Google but instead of searching for Jose Mier I searched for the term “people with the surname de Mier.” ….  Read More