Jose Mier and La Gran Colombia Book

jose mier south american map

Background of 19th Century South American Landscape

In my Jose Mier searches I sometimes look back on previous finds to explore them more throughly. If you recall my twentieth Jose Mier added to my list was a writer. Jose M. de Mier is this writer’s appellation and his oeuvre “La Gran Colombia” was penciled in 1983. It is a background– composed en Espanol— of that component of South American which ultimately ended up being Colombia, Venezuela and also Ecuador.

jose mier south american map
jose mier south american map

As I wrote before, I discover Google Books to be an outstanding resource of (if not info) at the very least a database of names. The details on this Jose Mier, nevertheless, is restricted as well as not also the publication itself is readily available to check out on Google Books.

Despite all that I was delighted to locate yet another Jose that I could include in my checklist which currently consists of artists, musicians, physicians and also others from all profession. Unusually sufficient I have actually not yet discovered one more Jose living near to my area of Los Angeles (specifically Sun Valley, CA), yet my job takes place.

You might likewise keep in mind that this Jose de Mier shares the “de” prefix with others on my checklist as well as is a residue of the titles provided to Spanish the aristocracy. Some have actually maintained the “de” while various other family members allow it to fade away into disuse and also usage just the Mier last name. For my objectives I consist of either variant on my internet site.

This Jose has actually composed a few other publications also as well as a look for his name (and also my name, yet the method) will certainly raise the list of his deal with Google Books.

For those interested in South American background throughout the very early 18th Century you might desire to examine out this Jose’s job. Venezuela’s money is the “bolivar.”.

As I said before to this twentieth Jose Mier, welcome to my checklist!

Jose Mier and La Gran Colombia Book
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Jose Mier and La Gran Colombia Book
Jose Mier looks back on the author of La Gran Colombia, a look at 19th century South America.
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