Los Mier, But No Jose

Famous Music Group Shares My Name


Jose Mier inquiries sometimes lead me down interesting paths and such is the case with this latest search. Again it was a straight Google search and since I’ve been over most of the search results I went straight to page 10 and then even further. I wanted to see how obscure a result I could find. I wasn’t disappointed even though this isn’t strictly a Jose Mier search.

What I did find was a biography of a musical group from Nuevo Leon called Los Mier (or, in English, The Miers). This Mexican singing group was formed in the 1980s has enjoyed continued popularity over the years. I have to admit I knew nothing about them until this latest search but I enjoy finding out new things. This is one of them.

I thought perhaps there might be at least one Jose in the group but there isn’t. No matter, I still found the information interesting. All the members of this group are related to one another and they all share the same last name of Mier. The original group was made up of four brothers and two cousins all with the same last name. The group’s musical style is a combination of norteño, cumbia, and ranchera. After making the circuit of local venues around Nuevo Leon, the group was signed by RCA records and became extremely popular.

Now many years later the band is still active and their sons assist them as backing musicians.

So, like I said this wasn’t really a Jose Mier search but it is a family with the last name of Mier that’s pretty famous so I wanted to add them to these pages here.