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jose mier Arizona construction

A First for This State

Jose Mier searches can at times get tedious. After all, I’m searching for the same thing day in and day out, specifically the name “Jose Mier.” I also run the risk of finding and looking at the same search results that I’ve seen time and time again. That’s why today’s result was a real pleasure. I found not only another Jose but one from a location I have not seen before.

As you know from past Jose Mier posts, this Hispanic surname is popular in states with high Latino populations like California or Florida, but another state that fits this bill is Arizona and that’s the location of my latest find. My Google search returned this LinkedIn profile as one of the results of my search. This particular Jose Mier works at Sundt Construction in Buckeye, AZ. As it turns out, Buckeye is close to (probably a suburb of) Phoenix. It’s located just east of that city at the point where the 10 and 81 freeways intersect.

Not much more information is available about this Jose Mier. Unfortunately he has not filled out this LinkedIn profile except to enter his name and his position (that of field engineer). That’s unfortunate since the whole point of LinkedIn is to generate business, but a name with no photo and no supporting information is not likely to generate much business.

jose mier Arizona construction
jose mier Arizona construction

However, by clicking through this Jose’s profile to that of Sundt Construction itself I can see that the company is fairly large and well-established. In fact, here’s what they say about themselves:

Sundt Construction, Inc. is one of the country’s most respected general contractors, currently ranked in the top 100 largest construction companies in the United States by ENR, the industry’s principal trade magazine. We’re consistently ranked a Best Place to Work by our own employees and known nationally for our innovative approach to construction services. We’ve also won more Build America awards from the Associated General Contractors of America than any other general contractor.

So even without additional Jose Mier information I know he works for a good company in Buckeye (or Tempe) Arizona. I know this man has no idea he is being added to a list of other people who bear the same name and that always gives me a chuckle. In any case, welcome to this latest Jose Mier.

Jose Mier Arizona
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Jose Mier Arizona
Jose Mier Around the World adds yet another Jose to the list. The latest was found on LinkedIn and works for SUndt Construction in Tempe (or Buckeye), AZ.
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